If you want to buy a devcie to play games, you have to check its specifications. Match these specifications with the specs of your tablet or laptops. Remember, android is an exciting operating system to play games. Here are 9 best android gaming tablets for 2020.

1. Galaxy S4 Tab

It can be a powerful tablet for gaming because of its large AMOLED 10.5-inch display and Dolby Atmos. As compared to iPad Pro, it features a chipset Snapdragon 835. This device is excellent for high-quality gaming.

Android Gaming Tablets

2. Amazon HD 8 Fire

For gaming, you will find this tablet great. It works as a great Echo show with a durable body and smooth user interface. You can use it for a sharp display, excellent battery life and solid performance.

3. Galaxy Tablet S3

In this list, Galaxy Tablet S3 is a compelling choice. You can get the advantage of dazzling display, snapdragon 820 high-end chipset and versatility. For android gaming, this slate has numerous unique features. You will get a fantastic display, Quad speakers and S Pen stylus.

4. Surface 15-inch Book 5

Surface Book 2 is an ideal device from Microsoft. You will get the advantage of impressive performance and unique features. This versatile device has numerous unique features. To play games, this machine is highly productive. Surface Book 2 features GTX 1060 GeForce Nvidia and VRAM of 6GB.

Android Gaming Tablets

5. YOGA Lenovo 730

With GTX 1050, 4GB of RAM and 730 w, you will find this tablet great for gaming. You can purchase the Lenovo YOGA. It features 4K or full HD 15-inch display. This tablet powers visual experience with Core i5-8250U.

6. Nintendo Switch

With this video game console, you can play your favorite games. It is a portable tablet for gaming. You can play the game on 720p display. If you are in search of an affordable gaming tablet, feel free to buy this gaming console.

7. Lenovo Tab 4

This android tablet is available for gaming with a Snapdragon chip 425 and 7 Nougat android. You can choose between an 8-inch and a 10-inch version. It can handle 3D gaming and video streaming. You can get the advantage of high storage capacity and low pixel density.

8. MediaPad Huawei M5

It can be an excellent choice if you want to invest in the latest tablet. With MediaPad, you can take your gaming experience to another level. You can get the advantage of its crystal clear and sharp display. MediaPad M5 features Kirin 960s powerful octa-core CPU and slim bezels.

9. Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 can be a suitable choice for android users. You can play games on this budgeted tablet. It has better features and specifications than older tablets. 

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