Are you worried about whether you can use directTV on your android tablet? If yes, then say goodbye to the tension. The large screen Android tablets allow you the flexibility to relish this app. SO, enjoy watching TV and getting the splendid experience of it on your tablet. Large screen tablets are in high demand for viewing purposes. 

The big screen of these tablets allows you to enjoy watching movies, playing games, with extreme ease. The issues of strains of the eye that usually occur by watching the small screen devices are properly addressed with such tablets. Let us have a quick glance at the best large-screen tablets with keyboards:

Huawei MediaPad M5 & M5 Pro

Huawei has brought lots of amazing devices with astonishing features. The Huawei MediaPad M5 10 and M5 Pro are amazing in features and appearance. Both are similar to each other. However, the M5 Pro is known to be a bit faster and also comprised of the active pen. Open up DirecTV app for android tablet on it and relish your weekends perfectly with the family.

The worthy specification of the keyboard is also offered with these tablets. You can shift to the desktop mode too whenever you want. Using the desktop mode makes you sit sluggishly, so people love working with the keyboard for better performance.

Android tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A4

Running the Directv app for Android tablet is a great experience on Samsung Galaxy Tab A4. It is because of its larger screen. However, in this tablet, the keyboard size is smaller. It does not support the system of touchpad. But, in Samsung Dex, there exists a built-in mode of touchpad in the OS. Samsung Galaxy Tab A4 comes at a reasonable price so you can afford it for yourself or to gift to your loved ones.

Enjoy having a large screen — 10.5 inches. It is amazingly popular for its display which is Super AMOLED.  Other features include four speakers, S Pen, Octa-core processor, and iris scanner. The craze of the Directv app for Android tablet is quenched when you use this tablet.

Acer Switch 3:

If you are a workaholic, then the Acer Switch 3 is the right choice for you. You can use it for making a presentation, designing documents, storing files, editing them, making spreadsheets and much more. It is not necessary to keep it, particularly for office work.

You can take it home for having quality time along with family. Directv app for Android tablet is perfectly supported in Acer Switch 3. Save lots of precious money by choosing this tablet. The high performance of it aims to facilitate you much. Web browsing and office work are the main tasks for which this tablet is often chosen by people.


A wider movie watching experience, better net surfing, fabulous office work, and good learning is guaranteed with a larger screen. Play/pause videos and working on documents was not this much easier before.

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