Do you know you can connect the best windows tabletto your TV? It is possible to play sound and display videos from computer to TV with the use of a VGA cable, a DVI or HDMI cable. It is possible to stream wirelessly to a streaming device or a smart TV. HDMI is a meaningful connection to send high definition audio and video through a similar cable.

Remember, VGA is an old connection to send videos only. It will help you to get sound from a TV computer. DVI ports are necessary to support the audio of computers. Here is a simple guide to display video from computer or the best windows tabletto your TV.

Choose Right Cables to Connect TV

Make sure to connect your PC to your TV through an HDMI cable. This port is available for the computer and the TV. You have to check the connectors of the cable on both sides. If your TV has over one HDMI port, you have to note down its port number.

With the use of buttons on the TV remote or the TV, it will be easy for you to change its input. An input button will help you to change the input of the TV to an HDMI. With multiple HDMI ports on your TV, you have to select a port connected to your PC. A few TVs can automatically detect signals.

Right-tap on your desktop and choose “Display Settings”. It will help you to open a settings menu for display. Check the settings on your best windows tabletTap “Detect” to tell the computer to look for a connected TV. You may notice two squares label 1 & 2 in the settings window. In numerous cases, a computer can detect your TV.

Tap “Identify” and see a label on every screen. It will help you to see the number assigned to the monitor of your computer. Check the number assigned to your TV. Tap the “multiple displays” in a drop-down menu and choose an option. You may see different options, such as:

best windows tablet

Duplicate displays:

 It will mirror the screen of your best windows tabletor computer on the TV.

Extend these displays:

 It will help you to make TV an elongated part of a desktop.

Show on 1:

 It will turn off number 2 display.

Show on 2:

  It will turn off number 1 display.

After choosing desired settings, click on Apply. It may change display settings. You can rearrange the squares to change the orientation of these displays. Advanced settings are available to make necessary adjustments. 

Use VGA or DVI cable

The VGA and DVI ports on your computer and TV must be the same. This cable must have similar connectors on two ends. On TV, VGA input may have a label of Computer IN or PC IN. You can connect your computer to your TV through a male-to-male cable. Plugs of this audio cable are similar to a headphone. You can insert audio-in port on your TV near VGA or DVI port. Carefully change input and display settings through your best windows tablet.

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