People find it apprehensive about buying a cheap android tablet usedThey don’t want to face issues regarding speed and performance. Remember, these tablets can work efficiently even without any upgrade. If you are not happy with the speed of a computer, you can increase its RAM capacity. With a simple test, you can find out the existing RAM capacity of your computer. Here are some things to notice on your computer before adding new RAM.

  • Windows operating systems need more RAM, such as 75% of your RAM. If your computer is slow with Windows operating system, you have to increase its RAM. 
  • Gaming needs extra RAM as compared to internet surfing. If you have a cheap android tablet usedyou can increase its RAM. Gaming requires a fast processor and heavy RAM. For a slow computer, you have to check specifications of a game against the speed of your processor.
  • Several computers come with small RAM. Remember, RAM is an affordable component; therefore, you can replace a small RAM in your computer with a big one. Make sure to buy a compatible RAM to avoid possible issues.

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Test to Determine Current RAM Capacity

With this simple test, you can find out if your machine has sufficient RAM. See these easy steps and follow them:

Right-click lower toolbar of your desktop and get a pop-up box.

Tap on “Task Manager” and the task manager of Windows will appear. You will see processes, applications and other things on this task manager. Look at the base of the box by “CPU Usage”, “Physical Memory” and “Processes”.

Compare Physical Memory and CPU Usage. CPU usage means total load of a processor on your computer or cheap android tablet used.It will be in percentages, such as 0% (idol) and 100% (mixed out). The RAM is physical memory that shows inside activities of your computer. If your physical memory is closer to 100%, your CPU is running slowly. To increase the efficiency of your computer, you have to increase its RAM. Try to decrease the load from your previous RAM.

It is time to let your computer go to idle and catch up completely. The usage of CPU must fall to 0% to 10%. If it doesn’t fall almost low, it means a program is running. It can be your virus protection running in the background of a cheap android tablet used.

If virus protection is not running in the background, then it could be a virus in your computer. Once the memory of your computer falls almost to idle, you have to check the percentage of physical memory. If your RAM or physical memory is showing 75% or more usage, it means you need extra RAM to increase the speed of your computer. 

Check the specifications of your computer before purchasing an extra RAM. It will be an ideal method to speed up your cheap android tablet usedRun this small test and find out if your computer needs a RAM.

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