Damages are common in lithium-ion batteries. After 2 – 3 years, it becomes crucial for you to replace a battery. Sometimes, it is cheap to buy a new tablet instead of replacing a battery. In this case, find out where to get affordable tablets onlineA worn out battery is not capable of holding a longer charge. In this situation, you have to replace it. If you are not confident about the replacement process, contact a professional service provider. Here are steps to follow to replace a tablet battery.


To unstiffen the adhesive, hold your tablet and heat all the edge of a glass panel with a heated opener. Put this opener on the edges of the device. Two heated openers may help you to loosen the adhesive. This process may take time, so feel free to replace these pads with a heat gun. If you want to transfer your data before starting this process, check where to get affordable tablet cheapDuring this process, you have to be careful. Follow the instruction guide of your heating pads.    get affordable tablets online

Use a Suction Cup

Put a suction cup near edges (you have heated up with a heated pad). Press down this cup to create a strong seal and pull this cup up with force. It will help you to create a separation between the midframe and display.

With an opening tool, you can split the glass panel apart from its midframe. Carefully follow this process because you can break the glass of the tablet. Continue using suction cup along the edges of your tablet with an opening tool. 

Feel free to use plastic cards to keep the glass separate from the midframe. A plastic card can be replaced with multiple opening picks. 

Carefully Remove a Glass Panel

Pull off its glass panel with a suction cup. Carefully disconnect a ribbon connecting the display to its motherboard. It is possible to connect the ribbon from both ends. When removing the glass panel, you have to be careful because you can’t tear a connecting ribbon.

You have to remove all previous steps to remove the back glass panel in the opposite direction of the tablet

Replace Battery

A #000 screwdriver of Philips will help you to unscrew the screws insider (securing battery). You have to remove screws surrounding the battery. Make sure to snap off the midframe from the motherboard of your device.

Locate the ribbon in the midframe and disconnect it from its motherboard. Feel free to use a spudger with the flat end. The flat corner of the spudger will help you to pop off a connector between the motherboard and battery. If your tablet is damaged, google where to get affordable tablets.

Flip its midframe over and take out the battery (slide your battery out from beneath ribbon cables). Now the battery is detached and removed from the device. Replace it with a new battery and follow these steps in reverse order. Feel free to apply new adhesive during a reassembly process.

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