Latest foldable phones can be the best tablet, such as Galaxy Fold. You can use these phones as tablets. Here are some hottest devices with foldable screens.

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy fold features a 7.3-inch display. You can fold this screen to put this tablet in your pocket. It is available at $1,980. This slate features 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage and a high-end fast processor. Feel free to use a triple-lens camera 16MP+12MP+12MP back camera.

It features a 4,380mAh battery into dual sections. With this tablet, you can run almost three apps at a time. Run this app on the front of your device. 

2. Mate X Huawei

If you want a folding tablet, you can buy Huawei Mate X with numerous unique features. It allows you to use an 8-inch screen. You can use a grip holding technology. Feel free to use premium specs of this phone and 5G connectivity.

This foldable tablet can be expensive than Samsung Fold. You will get numerous unique features with this foldable phone. Please keep it in your pocket to satisfy your traveling needs. It includes a fingerprint reader and 2-in-1 power, a Leica-built camera and multi-screen design.

Foldable Tablets

3. Foldable Phone Oppo

Oppo has not designed a folding phone yet, but its prototype is available. Design of this phone is similar to Huawei Mate X. Hinges are similar to the Huawei phones. You will like amazing features and specs of this phone. This phone is available with 5G connectivity. 

4. Motorola Razr 2019

For folding screens, Motorola is a reliable design. You may find it suitable to carry during travel. It may not offer features of Huawei and Samsung phones. The hardware of your phone is available in two variants, such as 710 Snapdragon Qualcomm system, 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. You may also get 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

Height and width of this foldable phone are different than other devices. If you can work with a 6.2-inch camera comfortably, this foldable phone can be an ideal choice. Motorola is using Android 9.0 pie to entertain its users. It comes with a 15W fast-charging battery.

Productivity with Foldable Phones

With your foldable phones, you can take your productivity to a new level. This foldable phone is excellent for multitasking. It allows you to open three apps at a time on your screen. Feel free to attach a physical keyboard with your tablet.

Samsung may not offer an accessory for a dedicated keyboard. You may not be able to buy a compatible Bluetooth keyboard. Carefully evaluate the features of each phone before finalizing a decision.

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