Which one is better, a Laptop or a Tablet?

If you are choosing between them, you have come to the right place because following we are going to go through how tablets give laptops tough competition!


When it comes to choosing between buying a laptop or to buy 10 inch android tablet, you should know that tablets are thin and light compared to laptops. Laptops have come a long way from being cumbersome and heavy, but they are still heavier when compared to tablets. Laptops are now capable of fitting within almost any carrying case. However, tablets can easily fit within a purse or a large pocket. Thanks to the fact that tablets don’t have physical keyboard, they can easily fit within tight spaces. 


There was a time that tablets only relied on mobile software. Well, that is no longer the case today. Professional tablets are armed with Windows 10 and are actually using the desktop version. Yes, they are capable of running a powerful Desktop grade OS and remain surprisingly thin. With this development, we hope to see MacOS on iPad Pros. Keep this in mind when you are out there to buy 10-inch android tablet. Buy 10 inch android tablet

Battery Life

A high-end laptop can last anywhere between 10 to 20 hours. This is tough competition for tablets. Surprisingly, tablets offer a far better battery life as compared to laptops. Yes, even a low end tablet can see you through 10 hours of use. You cannot expect this battery life from a midrange laptop. The best they can do is to last between 4-6 hours. 


When it comes to wireless connectivity, Tablets do have an unfair advantage. As they support SIM cards and 4G, they are a few steps ahead of laptops. Don’t worry; we expect laptops to feature better WIFI in future. These improvements might get them on par with 4G networks.


Laptops and Tablets, both of them can support touchscreen and physical keyboard. However, when it comes to versatility, tablets have an advantage. When it comes to functionality, laptops have the upper hand. 

Tablets do, however, have larger displays than laptops. In some cases, these displays are better than those on laptops. This helps improve their overall functionality. The fact is, larger tablets are on par with small laptops. Keep this in mind if you want to Buy 10 inch android tablet. With that said, laptops get a point when it comes to which of these devices are more productive. 


If you want to read or watch videos, then a tablet will serve you best. You can watch a movie on a tablet without needing to plug the charger. In most cases, you will need the charger with your laptop. In short, if you only want to Buy 10 inch android tablet for entertainment consumption, you are making a fine choice.

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