Make sure to buy a device with the latest operating system. Remember, advanced versions are available with special features to schedule your emails. Sometimes, you have to schedule an email to send your birthday wishes or a reminder. Here is your guide to schedule emails in Gmail using iOS or android.

Compose an Email

In the first step, you have to open a Gmail app in iOS or android. Hit a circular button along with a plus sign in the base corner. It will direct you to a compose screen. Create an email and fill in the subject, contact address and body of your message. 

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Schedule an Email

To schedule an email, you have to click on three dots in the top-right area. A pop-up may appear at the top, so click on “Schedule send”. You will be able to see a new pop-up with four options: send an email tomorrow morning, next week sometime, this afternoon, or select a custom date. Specify a time zone at the bottom of this pop-up. By choosing a custom time, it will be easy for you to pick the time and date.

Edit and View Scheduled Emails

If you are happy with the scheduled date and time, click on “Scheduled send” on your device. The latest device allows you to schedule your emails. Once your email is scheduled, it will be sent on your specified date and time. 

Feel free to view your scheduled emails. For this purpose, click on the button (hamburger) and search “Scheduled” in a side menu. You will find your email on this list. By tapping on your scheduled email, you may cancel its deployment. Remember, it is not possible to edit date from this section. This procedure will be the same in iOS and android devices.

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Why do you need this feature?

Email scheduling is a new feature for busy professionals, students and other people. If you want to send an email at a specific time, use this feature to schedule. It is necessary to keep an eye on different tasks. With this feature, it is possible to schedule follow-ups. 

Moreover, some apps are available to schedule emails. If you want to schedule your email in other apps, feel free to use free apps. With the help of free apps, it will be easy for you to manage everything. There is no need to suffer delays and other troubles. You have to prepare must-have apps for your tablet. It will be a significant step to save you from troubles and delays. 

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