Feel free to use this tablet with your iPhone to increase your productivity. Remember, the iPhone has countless hidden gestures to improve the experience of Apple users. Here are some hidden gestures of the iPhone to make your Apple device easy for you.

Augmented Battery Charging

Regularly charging a battery of your Apple device to full is necessary to manage your daily activities. Sometimes, it can damage your battery. With iOS 13, you can get the advantage of a new option to prolong the battery life. 

Feel free to learn your charging habits and prevent the battery of your phone from immediate charging to complete 100%. If you charge overnight when you sleep, optimized battery charging may keep the battery of your iPhone to 80%. If you want to use this new feature, check “Settings – Battery – Battery Health” and turn this feature on.

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Connect Two AirPods Pair to the Similar iPhone

It is possible to connect two pairs of Powerbeats headphones or AirPods to a similar iPhone. This feature is useful if you want to travel with someone. Make sure to share music or watch a similar movie. Here is a simple set up for your assistance.

  • Open a charging case lid, hold a pairing button located on the rear of AirPods and wait for the light begins to flash white.
  • Make sure to bring it near your iPhone.
  • Click a pop-up menu confirming you have to pair both AirPods to an iPhone
  • Replicate these steps to connect your second pair of AirPods.

Now play music and hair tunes in a pair of AirPods. Click the AirPlay button and select the second pair you connected. Remember, music must be played in both sets of AirPods.

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Activate Dark Mode

In iPhone, you can get the advantage of Dark Mode. With this new option, you can set your favorite theme for iPhone and other apps. It will show dark colors and backgrounds. Feel free to set the bright colors. You can turn on Dark Mode of this device. 

See these steps to activate a dark mode.

Swipe down on the display of your iPhone and open a Control Center menu.

  • Click and hold the brightness of the screen.
  • Click the toggle “Dark Mode” on the base left.

It is possible to turn on Dark Mode for a specific period by following these settings.

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Display and Brightness.
  • Under “Appearance”, pick “Dark or Light mode”.
  • Toggle “Automatic” toward on.

Choose a custom schedule or adjust Dark Mode to activate it automatically at sunset. It will turn off automatically at sunrise. 

It is possible to share a hot spot of iPhone with the family with its security settings.

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