Technology is advancing at a fast pace. However, most of us are too engrossed, buying a cheap android tablet pc. It is time that we should think along the lines to buy exciting gadgets like airpods also. Most of us dread the use of headphones just because of the annoying wires. Well, airpods got designed to address such issues.

The objective of the airpods is that you should be able to listen to the music without any hindrance. If you plan to buy a cheap android tablet pc, then save the money for the time being and consider investing in airpods instead.

We will also let you know a few useful hacks related to airpods here.

Airpod hacks that you must know

Call Announcement set up

Airpods may be an effective wireless handset. However, it may become difficult for you to figure out who is calling if you do not take out your phone. The good news is that there is a viable solution to the problem. You can set up the call announcements. The process is easy. You must visit the settings of your iPhone.

Next, you need to tap the Announce Calls. Select the option Headphone only. From there, the Airpod will let you know who is calling the moment your phone rings, but it is vital that the contact should be in your address book.

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Consider customizing the double tap command

The best feature about the airpods is that you can double tap them so that they can perform different tasks without a problem. The customization process is also simple. You need to visit settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Next, you must click Bluetooth. You need to find your airpods under My devices. Next, make sure that you tap the blue “I” icon. Now, you have to choose what you want your airpods to do. You can decide to play a track, or you can even switch to the next track if you want.

Use your Airpods case as an iPhone stand

When you are eager to buy a tablet or any other gadget, then the budget is an essential concern. Well, this is why you search the keywords like cheap android tablet pc or affordable gadgets on your search browser.

Let us tell you another quick hack to use airpods that will help you save some money also. You can use your airpods case as your iPhone stand also. All you need to do is open the case. Turn your phone horizontally, and make sure that you prop it up.

It is human psyche that whenever we are in a mood to purchase a gadget, then we get obsessed with the idea and fail to gather insight. The rule you should follow is whether you are buying a cheap android tablet pc or other gadgets like airpods, make sure that you have the understanding about the gadget so that it becomes easy for you to grab the concept of the related hacks also.

Secondly, just buying a cheap android tablet pc or gadget should not be your objective, you should also assess your requirements also before the purchase and then try to acquire insight into the hacks.

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