After buying a  tabletpeople doubt that their emails are going to spam. Remember, there is nothing to do with your device because the main culprit is your IP address and domain. If your emails are going to spam, you have to change your internet service provider. See some common reasons that can increase the chances of your emails to land in the junk folder.

  • You are sending emails without getting permission.
  • Information of the sender is inaccurate.
  • You are not working with a physical address.
  • Your headline or subject line is weak.
  • You are using specific words that trigger spam.
  • Your email has attachments.
  • You are sending a large image with negligible text.
  • Your email doesn’t have an opt-out link.
  • You are consistently sending emails on inactive addresses.
  • Your emails have grammar and spelling errors.

Don’t Send Emails without Permission

If you want to protect the IP address of your tabletyou have to stop sending emails without due permission. Remember, it is unethical and ineffective to send emails without consent. Sometimes, it can increase the chances of legal troubles. The email address must be added if a person opts-in willingly. In other cases, your email messages will become tablets with wifi and camera

Don’t Send Emails to Wrong Senders

Be careful of sending emails to the wrong senders. If the information of the sender is inaccurate, you can be in hot water. It is not appropriate for your business. Make sure to send emails to the right senders.

Zero Physical Address

Your email messages need a physical postal address. A valid address with a street address and post office box can increase the credibility of your message. Work with a registered postal service because every marketing agency should have a valid postal address. You must protect your tablet from possible issues with a physical address.

Avoid Spam Trigger Words

Spam filters check for special words to send an email in a spam folder. You must not write phrases, such as “You are a winner” or “Double your Wealth”. These types of phrases can catch the attention of spam filters. Avoid using trigger words in your emails. Keep your emails free from these words. It will help you to increase their deliverable tablets with wifi and camera

Avoid Using Week Headlines

The headline of email is a critical aspect to adjust its authenticity. Make sure to avoid using weak headlines in marketing emails. Consistently use a similar email address with your official business name on a deviceAvoid using extra capital letters in headlines. It will seem like you are shouting at the recipient. 

You must not go overboard with some exclamation points. An email must not contain salesy or pushy language and false promises. 

Attachments in Emails

Make sure to avoid attachments in your emails. Remember, attachments can alert spam filters, and it can’t get a place in the inbox of the recipient. An attachment may contain hardcore viruses; therefore, it can make your email suspicious. Avoid uploading attachments with an email on your tablet.

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