Dell has an excellent deal for gamers. Feel free to buy Alienware m17 gaming laptop for almost $1,000 at mid-range configurations. It includes great hardware, such as an SSD and Nivivida RTX graphics.

You will get most out of your investment. The specs of this laptop make it over $2,000. It is an incredible deal for gamers. As compared to the previous model, it is an updated design. Save money with the best deals of Black Friday. With AW950AFF order code, it is possible to get this gaming laptop. 

Specifications of Alienware M17 Gaming Laptop

This laptop features an Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics, Intel Core CPU i7, 16GB of RAM and an IT SSD for almost $950 off. It is an excellent deal for every gamer. Latest design of this laptop can impress everyone. You will get serious power on the multitasking and gaming fronts. It can impress anyone with powerful gaming, overall performance, captivating design and lightweight. It features a comfortable keyboard and above-average battery life.

The m17 Alienware is not as monumental because of the moon landing. Latest iteration makes it the best gaming laptop. This system is elegant with good looks, Nvidia RTX GPU, and overclockable CPU Intel Core i9. 

Remember, the base model of Alienware m17 starts with $1,499 and features a 2.4-GHz i5-9300H Intel Core, a 256GB M.2 PCle SSD, 8GB of RAM, a GeForce Nvidia GTX Ti 1660 GPU and UHD Intel 630 GPU Graphics. Other model is a midtier build with $2,199 and has an Intel Core 2.6-GHz i7-9750H CPU, 8GB of RAM, GTX GeForce Nvidia 2070 GPU Ti, and a PCIe SSD 512GB M.2. An advanced model is available in $4, discount tablets

Design of Laptop

Lunar Light of the company makes this laptop an alluring machine. It is intriguing with black rear and hinge portion. Moreover, the honeycomb pattern has a customizable strip of LED.. You can find more designs in this version. An elongated oval and glossy plastic are making this device beautiful.

The battle station of m17 has numerous ports. You must have USB 3.1 dual Type-A ports. Moreover, it has an expandable Ethernet Gigabit jack and one headset jack. Gamers will get a mini 1.4 DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, Thunderbolt 3 port, and a power jack. It has a Graphics Amplifier of discount tablets

Impressive Display

The laptop features anti-glare, matte coating, 1920 x 1080 (17.3-inch) display and dramatic color. It comes with remarkable brightness and Chiclet-style keyboard. Typing will be comfortable with amazing spacing between the keys. White keys allow you to type in dim light settings.

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