Sometimes, you can get good deals for Apple devices. At this time, Apple is interested in affordable housing in California. Laws are restricting them because the company has vowed $2.5 billion to address the affordable-housing crisis of California. Remember, Bay Area of San Francisco becomes an expensive housing market of America. Los Angeles is bearing expensive housing because the cost is above average.

Package of $2.5 billion of Apple includes different initiatives. Apple may offer $1 billion credit to companies building houses for people with low-income.. This credit will help new home buyers. They can get the advantage of critical service personnel, veterans and school employees. Cupertino and other similar communities are not friendly for schoolteachers and cops. They often struggle for affordable housing near their offices.  

Apple Donates Land

Apple is ready to donate a land of $300 million in San Jose for this project. This project proves the right to build affordable housing units. To support affordable housing, another $150 million is available for Silicon Valley. Moreover, a final earmarked $50 million is available for a project (nonprofit) for homeless people in Silicon Valley. 

Microsoft provided $500 million in loans and grants for affordable housing in the Seattle area for the assistance of homeless in January.

  • Google announced in June a $1 billion initiative along with $750 million of land (Google-owned) to support the development of 20,000 new units in the Bay Area of San Francisco.
  • Facebook unveiled almost $1 billion loans and grants to support over 20,000 units in this region. They invested in October.

The initiative of Apple is larger than other programs. The low-income housing is the main focus of these funding. For low-income group, cheapest tablets online are available.cheapest tablets online

Corporate Initiatives May not Fix Housing Problems of California

No doubt, these efforts are admirable to promote affordable housing. Unfortunately, these struggles can’t solve the housing crises of California. The fundamental housing problem of Golden State is different because local and state laws don’t allow developers to build sufficient housing to fulfil rising demands.

The 20th century may change the situation and cities could be able to accommodate the increasing demand for affordable housing. It is necessary to push the suburbs outward. In metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, the process is running. The land is in a driving distance. It may help you to accommodate growth by increasing density. Single-famous places can be replaced with apartment buildings, townhouses and duplexes.

In San Francisco, almost 75 percent of the land is zoned, and it is not allowed to work on duplexes. Additionally, the laws in Silicon Valley are also stringent. 

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