Do you know the difference between notebooks and laptops? You will understand their difference in this post in a better way. Nowadays, devices are becoming small, better and slimmer. You can’t differentiate between a notebook and a laptop. Remember, both are portable computers for the convenience of customers. 

You can discriminate them based on weight and size. No doubt, technology is decreasing in size and becoming more powerful. See these differences:

Notebook Computer

If you want a lightweight personal computer, notebook computers can be the best choice. These computers weight less than 6 pounds and are small in size. You can put them in your briefcase. These computers are designed with numerous techniques, such as flat-panel technology. 

These are lightweight devices with a clear display. In terms of computing power, these notebooks are identical to personal machines. They have excellent memory capacity, disk drives and CPUs. Notebook computers are available with the best battery packs. For this reason, you can run them for a longer duration without plugging the power for a longer duration. Remember, you have to recharge their batteries after a few hours.

Notebooks and Laptops

Laptop Computers

Similar to notebooks, these are portable and small devices. Nowadays, these are frequently known as notebook computers. These are large as compared to notebooks. Moreover, these have more weight and thickness. As compared to the best buy tabletsthese are more bulky for travelers.

Difference Between a Notebook and Laptop

The laptops were designed to become a desktop, but small and lightweight to sit on your lap. Nowadays, you can find laptops with more features of notebooks. The laptops are heavier then notebooks. Remember, these are portable than computers. In terms of portability, these are better than desktop computers.

These are packed with multiple components, drives and features. Notebook computers were introduced a few years back with a small display as compared to the laptop. These have fewer drives as compared to laptops. Moreover, sounds, modem and components are integrated. You will not find upgradeable components in these computers.

Technically, laptops and notebooks are different in terms of weight and size. Current technology is decreasing the difference between laptop and notebooks. For instance, UltraLite Notebook was released by NEC in 1989. It was the first notebook with 2MB SSD storage, ROM, RAM and CPU, along with a built-in mode. Nowadays, numerous models are available in the market.  

Performance and Budget

Before purchasing a notebook or laptop, you can check your budget. You will get numerous models against your budget. Remember, your selected model must have everything to support your personal and professional needs.

Unlike the PC desktop, tablets, notebooks and computers are impossible or difficult to upgrade with substitutable components. If you want to buy a device, make sure to compare their features and components.


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